Monday, 21 November 2011

E.L.F haul

I got this haul a while back when i had 20% off. That's what i love about elf they are always sending out special offers and their stuff is really good quality for the low prices they sell it at! I have had a few elf hauls in between the ones i have put on my blog but didn't get round to putting them up but ill probably put them up in the future. I have got quite a big elf haul coming tomorrow so thought i best put this one up first!
Complexion Perfection
First thing is this complexion perfection powder. You put your brush over all the colours and put this on your face, its for evening out your skin tone and absorbing any oils. It gives you a more matte look, it brightens your face and evens out any redness.

This is from the studio range so comes in the nice sleek black packaging with a nice big mirror in the compact. I dont use this all the time but i use it if have the time or if I'm going out somewhere where ill be wearing more make up than usual like a night out. I would say only use a small amount of this little goes a long way. Don't worry it doesn't make your face go green or blue lol its just very subtle like a finishing powder.
This is usually £3.50
Warm Bronzer
I really love the packaging of this bronzer! It has four different colours which you can swirl together like the complexion perfection or just use one or two of the colours. This bronzer has a subtle shimmer to it. It doesn't cause your face to look all glittery just gives you a nice glow.
 If you do like more of a shimmer look they do these bronzers in two other colour ranges, golden bronzer and cool bronzer.
These sell for £3.50
  Mineral Lipstick in Runway Pink
I said on my last elf haul i wanted this colour now i have it :D
Its a gorgeous pink. Glides on and is really moisturising and pigmented. My next colour will be beautiful cherry i think!
These are £3.50
 2 in 1 conditioning gloss in fanatic
I really wanted to try one of these studio lip glosses. Alot of the colours were sold out at the time probably because of the 20% off so i chose fanatic. On the website it did look more of a coral light orange colour than this bright red-ish orange.
When you swatch it, it looks like the colour on the website. Its quite a nice colour and has a shimmery highlight. I want to try one of the other 2 in 1 conditioning glosses that have the colour in the inner tube and the gloss on the outer tube. You will have to look on their site if you haven't seen them.
These are £3.50
Therapeutic Conditioning Balm in Vanilla Creme
Another lip product i got from elf was this lip balm. I chose vanilla creme because i love the smell of vanilla. To be honest i really don't like this it smells horrible and turns my lips white. I was looking forward to this because it sounds yummy but never mind I've heard that the strawberry one is really nice tho.
These sell for £1.50
Stipple brush, Angled foundation brush, Brow comb and brush
I have quite a few elf brushes now and whether they are from the normal or studio range they are really good quality and are nice and soft.
The studio brushes are £3.50 and the normal brushes are £1.50

 Mineral Eyeshadows in Angelic, Trendy, Confident
Last but no where near least my FAVOURITE elf eye products are these gorgeous mineral eyeshadows. I got them in 3 colours that i wear together and they look soo pretty.
Really lovely eyeshadows well pigmented & have nice shimmer to them. I love these and use them so much now. They come in lots of different colours and there are also a few matte shades to chose from.
These are £3.00 each.

If you want to check out E.L.F make up range their website is

I will have another elf haul for you all real soon.
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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Hair Product Of The Week! (HPOTW)

Garnier Fructis Style Crystal Resist hairspray - ultimate hold

What is it?
This weeks hair product of the week is a ultimate hold hair spray from Garnier. 

What it boasts?
24hr humidity resistant, crystal shine and ultra-fine micro-diffusion.

Do you agree?
This hair spray really does give you a great hold all day long and its wind and rain resistant. Leaves your hair with a nice shine.

Why you have chosen this as hair product of the week?
This is my new favourite hairspray. It has an extra strong hold and leaves your hair feeling soft and shiny. I really loveee the smell its amazing!

 What is the price range & do you think it is worth the price?
It sells for £2.69 for 200ml. I think its definitely worth the price it will last ages and its excellent value for money!

Where can we buy this from?
From any boots shops or

Just a quick product of the week for you all, i definitely recommend this!

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Friday, 18 November 2011

Fave Monthly Beauty Box?

Take the poll to the right of your screen, let me know which is your fave beauty box. Or if you havent tried one let me know which one you like the look of :)

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Sunday, 6 November 2011

For all you Facebookers!

For all my facebook readers thank you so much for all your likes! I now have a facebook page so you can like that and be the 1st to be updated with all my posts and upcoming reviews, events, competitions, giveaways etc.
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Thank you :)

Sleek Haul :D

So excited to finally try the Sleek make up range. Everyone talks about how amazing and affordable Sleek are so i had to try it! Now i ordered mine of the sleek website, you can get their make up range in Superdrug. Everytime i have been in Superdrug most of the things i wanted were sold out so i ordered online instead. My items arrived within a few days and very well packaged.
 Sleek Au Naturel i-Divine Palette
Sleek do the most beautiful eyeshadow palettes but i had to get this one first. I have seen so many reviews and tutorials using this gorgeous palette i had to have it! I use this all the time now i love it!
The colours are stunning, a mixture of brown mattes and shimmers. Really well pigmented and easy to apply and blend.
You can create so many different looks with these colours. They last all day and i use my elf eyeshadow primer. The packaging really is sleek with a black finish and a handy mirror inside.
All the Sleek eyeshadow palettes sell for £.6.49

Sleek Blush In Suede
This blush is also from Sleek's Nude Collection, comes in the same nice sleek and compact packaging as the palettes with the black finish and mirror inside.
Its a gorgeous matte browny peachy colour which leaves a lovely natural look. Gives you a really nice glow i love this, have been using this all the time too!
This sells for £4.30
Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Liqueur (Sheen)
I was just looking through the Sleek website when i saw the true colour lipstick range and this colour really caught my eye!
This colour is gorgeous so nice for every day and i don't even need a mirror to apply it. Glides on so smooth and lasts well. Its a lovely pinkish brownish nude colour. I have been looking for a everyday lipstick, one that just looks really natural and this is it! This is a sheen lipstick so it gives a nice subtle shine. They have a range of different colours that i want to try in sheen or matte.
This is a bargain for £4.00!

Sleek Pout Polish in Peach Perfection
Another lip product i got was a pout polish, these are tinted lip balms with SPF 15. I did want to get one of these in Bare Minimum as its from the Nude Collection but it wasn't in stock. Probably because its very popular its a just a nude colour.
I chose Peach Perfection. Its a lovely pinky peach colour. The colour is only subtle but leaves a nice bit of colour on your lips. Smells nice like Shea butter. Leaves your lips feeling really soft and moisturized. Really love the packaging on these they really stand out.
These sell for £4.30.

 Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light
Last thing i got was the sleek contour kit which came with a highlighter, pressed powder, instructions, the contour and highlight brush and case. I haven't tried this yet as i have been using other make up products to highlight and contour but i am defo going to try this.
The colours look like they will work well with my skin tone, nicely pigmented.
This kit cost £8.00 but they do sell just the powder kit without the brush set on its own for £6.50

Really love my Sleek purchases. Will 100% be buying from them again. Their make up range is really good quality, and just as good as some of the high end brands at a really affordable prices. I love the packaging, really sleek and professional and stands out!

Check them out at your local superdrug or their website, Superdrug is doing 3 for 2 at the moment!

Have you tried Sleek Make up?

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Thursday, 3 November 2011

October's Carmine Beauty Box

Carmine is the latest to bring out a beauty box so i was really excited to get one as it was their first ever box :D So happy with the box got loads of good stuff really impressed!
Just want to say how nice the people at Carmine are, i have spoken to them quite a few times on twitter. They always make sure they reply to any questions you may have and are really friendly.
The difference with Carmine to other boxes are that they are trying to start an online beauty community where we can all share and discuss our fave products which sounds good! And i know they are getting lots of well known beauty blogger's to work with them such as fleur de force and pinkpixiedoll.
This box is £10 and p+p
Now on to what i got! First the packaging..
When i received this in the post i thought wow! It came in this bright orange packaging with Carmine at the top, really stands out!
I think its the biggest box compared to other beauty boxes i have. Its a black box with a lift up lid, with a big sparkly C on the front with Carmine underneath. I really love the packaging it stands out.
The inside is bright neon green with dark red patterns with a white C and its all ribboned up ready for you to open! :D
What i got in this months box..
      TheBalm Fratboy all-in-one shadow/blush
 The first thing that caught my eye was this! Ive been wanting to try TheBalm make up, i love the packaging so different and eye catching. This is a shadow/blush but i think i will be using it as a blush. Its just the right colour a pinky peach lovely for a natural look! This is full size and these are usually £16.34
 Daniel Sandler Eye Delight in Peach 
Another full sized make up product which is great its so nice being able to try new make up products especially ones that are more expensive. You can see wether they are for you or not.

It looks like a really subtle peachy colour but when the light hits it like in my pics with the flash, its really shimmery. Very pretty, im going to try this in the corners of my eyes to brighten them. These eye delight pots are usually £10.25
Trind Nail Repair Natural
I haven't tried this yet but it sounds good, its supposed to strengthen and repair your nails. It says use daily for two weeks for best results. This product would be really good if you wear fake nails, as sometimes they get very weak after you remove them. It comes with a little leaflet inside with some of their other products which i would love to try too This is in full size too and is usually £12.95

Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream
This hand cream leaves your hands feeling really soft. It smells really strong very lavendery or honey like, a very organic smell. Works really well on all areas of dry skin. Theres a video on their site of different ways you can use this. This is great handbag size the full size sells for £14.50

  Caudalie Quenching Sorbet-Creme
I haven't tried this yet but it sounds perfect for my type of skin. its a motisuriser for dry or sensitive skin. Another thing i like about the Carmine site is it has more info and tips about each product on there. i think they put this up the next month tho so they dont give any spoilers. anyway it says Like a true sorbet, you can even keep it in the fridge for maximum freshness. Smells really nice. This is a really good sample/travel size, the full size sells for £20.00.

So thats all the items i got in this months box. Im really really happy with it. I cant wait for this months one!

Well done Carmine on your 1st beauty box!

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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Next PJ's!

Just wanted to share my cuteee leopard pj's my gorgeous Darrel got me from next. The new next winter pj's are so nice. Really soft and cosy! Thank you baby :) x

Love the leopard print i got the bottoms and the slippers :)

They had so many nice pyjamas in there and slippers, dressing gowns etc.

Anyone else get anything nice from next or any nice new cosy winter jammys?