Saturday, 30 June 2012

Favourite blogger!

Hello everyone!

Ive decided i want to do a few posts dedicated to some of my favourite bloggers and youtubers. I think they all really deserve the recognition of all their hard work they put into their blogs and videos!

This post is dedicated to one of my very good friends Kelly... Loves you lots chick!

If you saw my kreative blogger award, you will remember me mentioning the lovely miss Kelly!

Kelly is a fellow UK beauty blogger! Her blog seriously is one of my favourites. She blogs about beauty, her life and everything she lovees!
  Her blog is always so interesting and always makes me laugh. I love that she takes lots of pictures of the random stuff she sees throughout the day! Im usually messaging her straight after like wow where did u see that or where can i get that? Lol! She is really talented at doing make up she would make a fantastic MUA!
 These are the fab cards she made for my birthday and for moving house... so creative and both the cards show how well she knows me lol! We have became the best of friends through our lovely bloggies. We are always keeping each other up to date on all the latest beauty stuff and having long natters! lol! Her blog really inspires me and i really recommend you check it out :D

Now she has her 1st ever youtube video :D exciting! A whats in my bag video :) Its soo good go check it out! This is just the 1st of many to come i just know it! So if we all show her lots of support im sure she will feel the love and want to blog and youtube her lil socks off lol! And if you have any requests or ideas for her future videos or bloggy posts let us know! I think she should do her June favourites and maybe a tutorial because her hair and make ups always looking fab!

Heres all the links you need to know so you can check her out :


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