Monday, 21 November 2011

E.L.F haul

I got this haul a while back when i had 20% off. That's what i love about elf they are always sending out special offers and their stuff is really good quality for the low prices they sell it at! I have had a few elf hauls in between the ones i have put on my blog but didn't get round to putting them up but ill probably put them up in the future. I have got quite a big elf haul coming tomorrow so thought i best put this one up first!
Complexion Perfection
First thing is this complexion perfection powder. You put your brush over all the colours and put this on your face, its for evening out your skin tone and absorbing any oils. It gives you a more matte look, it brightens your face and evens out any redness.

This is from the studio range so comes in the nice sleek black packaging with a nice big mirror in the compact. I dont use this all the time but i use it if have the time or if I'm going out somewhere where ill be wearing more make up than usual like a night out. I would say only use a small amount of this little goes a long way. Don't worry it doesn't make your face go green or blue lol its just very subtle like a finishing powder.
This is usually £3.50
Warm Bronzer
I really love the packaging of this bronzer! It has four different colours which you can swirl together like the complexion perfection or just use one or two of the colours. This bronzer has a subtle shimmer to it. It doesn't cause your face to look all glittery just gives you a nice glow.
 If you do like more of a shimmer look they do these bronzers in two other colour ranges, golden bronzer and cool bronzer.
These sell for £3.50
  Mineral Lipstick in Runway Pink
I said on my last elf haul i wanted this colour now i have it :D
Its a gorgeous pink. Glides on and is really moisturising and pigmented. My next colour will be beautiful cherry i think!
These are £3.50
 2 in 1 conditioning gloss in fanatic
I really wanted to try one of these studio lip glosses. Alot of the colours were sold out at the time probably because of the 20% off so i chose fanatic. On the website it did look more of a coral light orange colour than this bright red-ish orange.
When you swatch it, it looks like the colour on the website. Its quite a nice colour and has a shimmery highlight. I want to try one of the other 2 in 1 conditioning glosses that have the colour in the inner tube and the gloss on the outer tube. You will have to look on their site if you haven't seen them.
These are £3.50
Therapeutic Conditioning Balm in Vanilla Creme
Another lip product i got from elf was this lip balm. I chose vanilla creme because i love the smell of vanilla. To be honest i really don't like this it smells horrible and turns my lips white. I was looking forward to this because it sounds yummy but never mind I've heard that the strawberry one is really nice tho.
These sell for £1.50
Stipple brush, Angled foundation brush, Brow comb and brush
I have quite a few elf brushes now and whether they are from the normal or studio range they are really good quality and are nice and soft.
The studio brushes are £3.50 and the normal brushes are £1.50

 Mineral Eyeshadows in Angelic, Trendy, Confident
Last but no where near least my FAVOURITE elf eye products are these gorgeous mineral eyeshadows. I got them in 3 colours that i wear together and they look soo pretty.
Really lovely eyeshadows well pigmented & have nice shimmer to them. I love these and use them so much now. They come in lots of different colours and there are also a few matte shades to chose from.
These are £3.00 each.

If you want to check out E.L.F make up range their website is

I will have another elf haul for you all real soon.
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