Thursday, 3 November 2011

October's Carmine Beauty Box

Carmine is the latest to bring out a beauty box so i was really excited to get one as it was their first ever box :D So happy with the box got loads of good stuff really impressed!
Just want to say how nice the people at Carmine are, i have spoken to them quite a few times on twitter. They always make sure they reply to any questions you may have and are really friendly.
The difference with Carmine to other boxes are that they are trying to start an online beauty community where we can all share and discuss our fave products which sounds good! And i know they are getting lots of well known beauty blogger's to work with them such as fleur de force and pinkpixiedoll.
This box is £10 and p+p
Now on to what i got! First the packaging..
When i received this in the post i thought wow! It came in this bright orange packaging with Carmine at the top, really stands out!
I think its the biggest box compared to other beauty boxes i have. Its a black box with a lift up lid, with a big sparkly C on the front with Carmine underneath. I really love the packaging it stands out.
The inside is bright neon green with dark red patterns with a white C and its all ribboned up ready for you to open! :D
What i got in this months box..
      TheBalm Fratboy all-in-one shadow/blush
 The first thing that caught my eye was this! Ive been wanting to try TheBalm make up, i love the packaging so different and eye catching. This is a shadow/blush but i think i will be using it as a blush. Its just the right colour a pinky peach lovely for a natural look! This is full size and these are usually £16.34
 Daniel Sandler Eye Delight in Peach 
Another full sized make up product which is great its so nice being able to try new make up products especially ones that are more expensive. You can see wether they are for you or not.

It looks like a really subtle peachy colour but when the light hits it like in my pics with the flash, its really shimmery. Very pretty, im going to try this in the corners of my eyes to brighten them. These eye delight pots are usually £10.25
Trind Nail Repair Natural
I haven't tried this yet but it sounds good, its supposed to strengthen and repair your nails. It says use daily for two weeks for best results. This product would be really good if you wear fake nails, as sometimes they get very weak after you remove them. It comes with a little leaflet inside with some of their other products which i would love to try too This is in full size too and is usually £12.95

Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream
This hand cream leaves your hands feeling really soft. It smells really strong very lavendery or honey like, a very organic smell. Works really well on all areas of dry skin. Theres a video on their site of different ways you can use this. This is great handbag size the full size sells for £14.50

  Caudalie Quenching Sorbet-Creme
I haven't tried this yet but it sounds perfect for my type of skin. its a motisuriser for dry or sensitive skin. Another thing i like about the Carmine site is it has more info and tips about each product on there. i think they put this up the next month tho so they dont give any spoilers. anyway it says Like a true sorbet, you can even keep it in the fridge for maximum freshness. Smells really nice. This is a really good sample/travel size, the full size sells for £20.00.

So thats all the items i got in this months box. Im really really happy with it. I cant wait for this months one!

Well done Carmine on your 1st beauty box!

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