Thursday, 26 April 2012

Beauty Wish List..

Hey everyone im on a bloggin role this week woop! Just wanted to share some beauty products i really want to try. I would really love if you have tried any of these products please comment below and tell me what you think of them :)

Model Mirror, Compact Light Up Mirror in Lush Leopard
This lil beaut has been on my wish list for along time now I'm definitely going to have to get it! Its a gorgeous compact mirror that lights up! They have so many different designs to chose from but this one is so me!! You can buy these from many online retailers for around £19! I love it and i so want one!
Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Frosting...
I still havent tried these yet! I really want to try them and i fancy this colour its called sugar frosting. How yummy does that sound lol?! The colour looks lush too! These are £7.99 in boots and superdrug.
Naked Pallette by Urban Decay..
I have been wanting this eyeshadow palette forever! Everyone raves about it. I know Naked 2 is out but i still really want this one! I love the packaging and the colours are stunning! Its just the price that has held me back from getting it in the past its around £36! Everyone that has it says its well worth the price!
 17 Va Va Voom Mascara
This mascara looks really good i saw a review and it really made their eyelashes thick and long! I am loving the packaging! AND selected 17 mascaras in boots are only £4 at the moment! Wow!
 Barry M Magnetic Nail Polish
I have one magnetic nail polish and its the 17 one, the effect of magnetic nail polishes looks soo kool! Barry M i think do one of the best nail polishes and i have tried a lot of nail polishes! They are a really good price (£2.99), last really well, go on well, i love the packaging and have so many colours to chose from. So i really want to try their magnetic nail paint range! These are £4.99 each and i think at the moment there is only a few colours, same with the 17 range only a few colours.

Essie Nail Polish
Finally the UK has the nail polish brand Essie on sale in superdrug and boots stores now! So many people rave about these so finally i can see what they are like! I love trying new nail polishes! The colours look really pretty and there are alot to chose from. These are selling for £7.99 each.

Bourjois Delice de Pourdre Highlighting Powder #53

Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder & Highlighting Powder

Yummy!! No bourjois hasn't brought out their own chocolate range this is actually a highlighting powder and the other one is a bronzing powder! How kool is that! And they actually smell like chocolate too! Perfect for chocoholics and make up lovers like me! Apparently alot of people have compared the bronzing powder to Benefits hoola bronzer. Defiantly worth a try i think! I'm in love with the packaging of these how creative! The bronzing powder in boots is £4.99 and the highlight powder you can get on amazon for £6.99.

Whats on the top of your beauty product wish list?
Leave a comment below and let me know :)


  1. i want them alll!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx

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  3. Awww thank you yeah of course i will :) xx